The opening on 1 July 2021 of the Proof of Concept location in Afferden heralds the next phase for Grassa Green Refined Solutions. Local markets will be developed for the products produced by Grassa. In addition, Grassa seeks to enter into partnerships with Agro-Food supply chain parties in order to have as much impact as possible.

Rieks Smook has been recruited as the new CEO for this purpose. With his background in the Agro Food Business and broad international experience in business development and financing, he is a welcome addition to the Grassa team.

We wish Rieks every success with the further development of Grassa Green Refined Solutions. 

Hans de Vries: “With Rieks we bring in a person who dares to think big in a realistic way. He is an energetic and communicative personality who has gained a lot of international experience in Agro-Food financing/consultancy and he has an extensive network in the Agri Food business. Rieks complements the current Grassa team in a perfect way!”

Rieks Smook: “I am really excited to roll up my sleeves and work with the team and the investors to develop Grassa “From Niche to Norm!”. Grassa has the potential to make the dairy and feed sector more efficient and sustainable. In addition, Grassa offers the possibility of an alternative revenue model for grass-producing farmers. These are excellent starting points for creating new Ago Food supply chain connections.”

Grassa Green Refined Solutions has developed technology in recent years that unlocks the full potential of grass. Grass is “opened” through a natural process and part of the proteins, sugars and minerals are extracted. The remaining protein, sugar and minerals in the opened grass are made more accessible and digestible. This makes the opened grass suitable, among other things, to be fed up to 60% in the roughage ration of dairy cattle, while retaining the milk volume per hectare. The extracted grass proteins are suitable for feeding monogastric animals such as rabbits, fish, chickens and pigs and can eventually fully replace imported soy in feed. Application of Grassa BV’s products in the feeding schedule of livestock provides, in addition to the sustainability gains from local plant based protein production and soy replacement, also for sustainability gains through reduction of ammonia and phosphate emissions (30% ) and Methane emission (15%).  Double the benefits of the same grass!

Rieks Smook
+31 (0)6 5523 6653