Grassa products

The GRASSA refining process produces the following products as standard:

GRASSA Protein Fiber

Grass protein-fiber is formed by the compressed fibers that remain after the first separation process. It contains enough useful proteins for the cow. The poorly usable proteins have been removed, which the cow does not have to digest.






GRASSA Grass protein concentrate

From the juice, GRASSA extracts a protein concentrate. This grass protein concentrate, a product for chickens, pigs, fish or pets among others, is dry, sustainable and suitable as a soy meal. replacement..







GRASSA has developed a process to isolate the sugars from the whey, that for a large part consist of Fructose Oligo Saccharides (FOS), a soluble dietary fiber that can improve gut health in food for young lifestock humans and pets. GRASSA has patented the process to isolate protein fiber, protein concentrate and Fos from grass.






GRASSA! Minerals Concentrate

The mineral concentrate, obtained from the whey by the GRASSA biorefining technology, is a mixture of minerals and free amino acids. Mineral concentrate is a valuable soluble plant-based organic fertilizer, rich in potassium and nitrogen. It can be used as a plant-based fertilizer in organic vegetable production.

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