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About Grassa!

GRASSA is a young and rapidly growing company that focuses on upgrading grass and vegetable residues biorefining. Our mission is to provide the world with sustainable food for humans and animals and pets. Food that is healthy and locally produced with the available green raw materials.

Intensive research and testing yielded a wealth of knowledge: the possibilities of biorefining are endless! Since the official establishment of GRASSA BV In 2014, refining machines were developed with which we can refine grass and other green residues and process them into a local food or feed product. This is how GRASSA contributes to the upgrading of green raw materials, to a more robust agricultural sector and to a solution to the increasing food shortage.


Our Team

Management & Shareholders

Hans de Vries              CEO a.i. and CFO and shareholder
Expertise: team Building & Developing, Stakeholder Management, Change Management, P&L Accountability, Board Representation, Strategy, Proces redesign & automation, M&A, Corporate Finance, Capital Allocation, FP&A, Accounting & Taks, Controlling, Financial Reporting, Risk Management, Procurement.

Bram Koopmans        CTO and shareholder
Expertise: chemistry, research & development, procestechnology, agrotechnology, biorefinery and biotechnology.


Martijn Wagener is entrepeneur and Advisor (own consultancy agency Virida and director, co-owner of BioEnergieCentrale Cuijk)
Expertise: entrepeneurship, operations management, biobased energy en biobased economy.

Johan Sanders is Entrepeneur and Researcher (own advice and investment agency Sanovations), former Innovation Manager Food & Biobased Research and emeritus professor Wageningen UR.
Expertise: scientific research, business economics, agro-industrial chains, agrotechnology, biotechnology, (industrial) microbiology, non-food products, agricultural industry, chain management, procestechnology.

Fransen Gerrits
Since its foundation in 1897, Fransen Gerrits BV has grown into the enterprising feed specialist in the south of the Netherlands. Fransen Gerrits makes feed for cows, pigs and rabbits and is a committed partner for famers to run their business in a sutainable way. Problem solving and innovation are very important in this support. From this perspective, the partnership with Grassa fits perfectly.

Brightlands Venture Partners
Brightlands Venture Partners (BVP) is the fund manager of Brightlands Agrifood Fund and a so-called ecosystem investor. BVP supports innovative companies that are fit with the ecosystem of the Brightlands campuses. Her philosophy is that proximity plays a role and that the portfolio companies have a higher chance of success and shorter time to market through interaction with the Brightlands ecosystem and the fund’s network. Funds under management are Limburg Ventures, Chemelot Ventures and Brightlands Agrifood Fund.

LIOF is the regional development company of the Province of Limburg. Her first objective is to strengthen the economic structure and thus the growth of Limburg. For this purpose, LIOF uses risk capital and supports innovation projects of SMEs.


Roy Raedts is Developer and Project Manager POP3 Friesland
Expertise: agri- en horticulture, agrotechnology and biobased economy.

Bart Docters van Leeuwen is machinebuilder at Heidro en builds GRASSA!’s refiningmachines. Expertise: machinebuild, machinedesign, innovation, plant construction.

Wim van Doorn is Projectleader and Environmental Scientist
Expertise: project management, new business development, environmental science.

Marieke Vanthoor is Projectleader BIVAC
Expertise: horticulture, procestechnology, biobased products, food.

Nicole van Rengs is assistent Controller
Expertise: Financieel Manager support, preparation of subsidy statements, communication through social media and website and other activities.


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