For Protein (soy) buyers

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Grass protein, the local alternative to soy

For Protein (soy) buyers

Do you also suffer from dependence on soy, of which the Brazilian variant in particular has a destructive CO2 footprint? Do you see many well-intentioned initiatives for finding an alternative to soy, whose scalability you question? Contact us.

Grass protein is qualitatively better than the protein from soy: 17% more essential amino acids and a high digestibility for monogastrics. An ideal, locally produced replacement for soy in compound feed and, in the long run, a wonderful ingredient for human food applications.

Grass protein has enormous potential in terms of scale. It is obtained from the existing turf that is already in the Netherlands. The Grassa process maintains the current use of the grass (raw feed) and additional protein is obtained from the same grass. So no new grass, which displaces another crop, has to be grown to obtain grass protein. If 25% of the current 1 million hectare acreage of grass is processed in grass refining, sufficient grass protein will be produced to meet the entire Dutch soy demand. It is also not for nothing that Grassa is mentioned by name in the National Protein Strategy, as one of the promising solutions for becoming less dependent on the import of vegetable proteins.

We produce grass protein in our demo factory in Afferden. We use this protein to help develop products in Petfood, Aqua Feed and compound feed for pigs and chickens. In addition, we are starting discussions with possible partners for the development of human applications of the grass protein.

We expect that grass protein approval for human consumption will be a fact within the foreseeable future. Read more (CTA, link to feed to food)

Are you interested in incorporating grass protein into your product and would you like to develop this with us? Please contact us.

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