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Grassa helps the agricultural sector to become CO2 neutral. Grassa cannot do this alone and needs the help of you, the Scope 3 partner.

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For Scope 3 partners

Together towards a sustainable agricultural complex

The Dutch agricultural complex is responsible for approximately 7% of GNP and approximately 8% of national employment. This makes the complex very important for the Dutch economy.

The Dutch Agrocomplex is one of the most efficient and sustainable producers of food and food ingredients in the world. Nevertheless, all parties recognize that the sector needs to become more sustainable in order to be able to produce CO2-neutral food by 2050.

Because the Agrocomplex is closely intertwined with the rest of the Dutch economy, there is a good chance that the CO2 footprint of the Agrocomplex in scope 3 emissions is calculated when determining your own CO2 footprint. You therefore benefit from reducing emissions in the agricultural complex. This is not an easy matter. The agricultural complex is characterized by a large number of individual producers who each make economic choices separately. In order to produce more sustainably, investments are often required, which cost money. Money that the farmer does not always have. Moreover, the current political climate creates uncertainty about how and what exactly needs to be changed.

The Grassa concept addresses a large number of sustainability challenges. Harmful emissions of ammonia and phosphate are reduced (dairy farming), a local alternative for the offending soy is found (livestock farming), grass as a rest crop binds CO2 and increases biodiversity, especially in strip farming (arable farming). The process and the additional products ensure that the dairy farmer can produce climate neutrally.

Read more about all sustainability gains from the Grassa concept.

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Voor scope 3 partners

Samen naar CO2-neutraal

Grassa helps the agricultural sector to become CO2 neutral. Grassa cannot do this alone and needs the help of you, the Scope 3 partner.

  • Are you a dairy cooperative or meat processor? We would like to get in touch with you about how to bring the Grassa concept to the attention of your suppliers. We would also like to discuss how the Grassa concept fits into your own sustainability incentive program and how we can continue to work together to reduce the CO2 footprint of your supplying (dairy) farmers.
  • Are you a financier or investor in the primary agricultural sector? We are happy to discuss investment opportunities in Grassa with you. You invest in a CO2 reducing company and at the same time you reduce the CO2 footprint of your current customers, which also reduces your scope 3 footprint. Double impact!
  • Are you a provincial or municipal government and do you want to help the agricultural sector in your region? Contact us! We would be happy to discuss the establishment of a grass processing facility in your region with you, which makes it possible to boost the sustainability and circularity of the local agricultural sector. And all without taxpayers' money.
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Curious about the possibilities?

Are you a potential Scope 3 partner for Grassa and have we aroused your interest? Please contact us!

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